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There is a new draconic race called Wyverns.  A sentient offshoot of the traditional Shadowrun Wyvern these creatures are smart, naive, and emerging into this world. In their expansion they are encountering other races of the Shadowrun Universe and further out in space. This new race makes its main home outside of Seattle, with other holds located scattered throughout the world and eventually onto other planets.

This site is a repository of a long running roleplaying campaign game based in the Shadowrun Universe. Because the Shadowrun system leaves a lot to be desired in changing up the rules and adding things we use the GURPS universal role-play system.

This site is an attempt to corral all the details of this world for future campaigns. There is a mix of homemade races, Shadowrun, Warhammer 40k and the “Burning Twilight” universe (referred to below as the newly redone Call of Althara Universe).

In addition because it is a long term campaign (started sometime in 2013) it has progressed past the cannon universe. Many things have changed, the world has gone through a new surge and there has been a connection with space travel.

That space travel/space opera connection is to a larger space game campaign I run (see http://thecallofalthara.wordpress.com), but maintains its own game running and style. The idea is that the universe will be the same, but the stories effecting this campaign and the Call of Althara campaign shouldn’t have any lasting effects.

This portion of the campaign has taken a backseat to a spin off campaign with some of the main characters over at lizardsinspace.wordpress.com. Any new details developed there will flow back here since this is a “world” site and lizards in space is a single character campaign site.

There is so much more coming.

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